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Share of international co-publications (international)

data publication
19 July 2022
publications Collaboration
What percentage of a country's publications consist of international co-publications? In this data publication we show the share of scientific publications, where researchers in a country collaborate with researchers in other countries.

In short

  • In this comparison Switzerland scores highest with an international co-production of 74%, the Netherlands scores on average with 76%.
  • Japan, Korea and China score the lowest, with 36%, 33%, and 27% respectively.
  • Also the US scores relatively low with 43%, which could be explained by the large domestic market of researchers with whom it is possible to collaborate.

The percentage of international co-publications is quite diverse. The Netherlands scores average with 68% in this list. The USA scores low in this ranking, probably due to the large pool of national researchers with who researchers can collaborate. At the bottom of the list are Korea, Japan and China, where language may possibly play a role. For all countries, the percentage of co-publications in has increased over the years.