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NWO Talent Programme research grants by university and type of grant

data publication
02 April 2024
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How many NWO Talent Programmes (formerly Vernieuwingsimpuls) have been awarded to Dutch universities? In this data publication we share the figures of grants per university (incl. umc if applicable) and the number of grants of the different types of grants (Veni, Vidi, Vici) of the NWO Talent Programme.

In short

  • The NWO Talent Programme aims to stimulate innovative research and strengthen the career perspective of young researchers.
  • Since the start of the program in 2000, over 5,500 grants have been awarded.
  • 55% of the awarded grants are Veni's, 33% Vidi's and 12% Vici's.

NWO, the Dutch Research Council, promotes and finances scientific research at universities and institutes in the Netherlands. Since 2000, NWO features an encompassing programme with the objective of improving research at universities and research institutes and enhancing career perspectives for young researchers: the NWO Talent Programme. The programme is a personal grant targeting three groups (since 2002): those who recently obtained their doctorate degree (Veni), experienced researchers (Vidi) and senior researchers (Vici). In 2000 and 2001, the distinction between the three types of grants was not yet made. Since the start of the NWO Talent Programme in 2000, over 5,500 grants have been awarded.

How many NWO Talent programme grants have been awarded, per university and grant type?

Which percentage of all NWO Talent Programme grants have been awarded, per university and grant type?

The graph shows the number of grants for the NWO Talent Programme for the period 2006-2022. The differences between the universities are substantial and partly reflect the differences in university size as well as the presence of a university medical centre (umc). Utrecht University has seven times as many grants as Tilburg University. The share of Veni-grants is the largest for all universities, followed by the share of Vidi-grants. 

facts and figures

55% Veni-grants

33% Vidi-grants

12% Vici-grants

The majority of the grants goes to the Veni scheme with 55%, followed by the Vidi scheme with 33% and the Vidi scheme with 12%. The breakdown by type of grant varies by university. The technical university of Delft (TUD) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) have a high percentage of Vidi-grants; The technical universities of Eindhoven (TUE) and Twente (TU) have a high percentage of Vici-grants.