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Living together in a digital world

Digital Society
Intelligente machines in praktijk
How do we live together digitally in intertwined real and virtual worlds? Over the next years, we will be engaging with various groups in society. In doing so, we will be finding out what they need to navigate the new digital world and stay healthy – physically and mentally. Where are new social rules of conduct needed? And where is legislation needed, to protect consumers from abuse of power or manipulation?

With social media, games and the growing number of private AR platforms, people are starting to live more in their own hybrid worlds, which are part physical, part virtual. How far are we willing to immerse ourselves in the digital world? How does public debate come about, if everyone is livings in their own space?  With immersive technology, the digital society is entering a new phase with unprecedented possibilities, including possibilities for biometric surveillance of citizens, digital mimicry and modification of someone’s body or environment. And opportunities for digital nudges, often without us realising it. How far is the government allowed to police and influence citizens, or citizens each other? What are the roles of government and industry? Where does legislation need to be amended?

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Digital society

05 November 2020

Artificial intelligence
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