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Transdisciplinair lerende wetenschap: belofte of praktijk?

01 november 2009
Although the promises of the new learning sciences are highly relevant, the analysis in this report indicates that the field is in a very early stage of development at best.




Brain sciences and cognitive neuroscience are hot and fast-developing fields. However, the interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary relation with educational and teaching research is programmatic at best.

This is even more so the case for the transdisciplinary relation between the new learning sciences and educational and teaching practice. What seems to be lacking is - what in the medical field is called - ‘translational research’ that brings research results obtained in the laboratory to the class room. As the new learning sciences claim relevance for practice, we introduce in this report the term

transdisciplinary learning sciences to describe these new developments. This study may inform decision making about shaping the conditions for fruitful development in this area.


Bij voorkeur citeren als:
Merkx, Femke et al.: The development of transdisciplinary learning science: promise or practice? Den Haag, Rathenau Instituut