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Division of H2020 revenues in the Netherlands, by type of organisation and societal challenge

data publication
08 March 2022
Horizon2020 revenue
In this data publication, we provide information on Dutch revenues from the European Horizon 2020 programme (H2020 programme). In the first figure we compare which organisations in the Netherlands and Europe receive money. The second figure shows the distribution of societal challenges in the Netherlands.

In short

  • In the Netherlands, a bigger portion of H2020 funding goes to universities and universities of applied sciences than average.
  • With 12% of the EU budget, our country is a frontrunner in the field of 'health and well-being'.
  • The Netherlands receives only 5% of the available budget for the societal challenge 'safe societies'.

Horizon 2020 budget allocated by type organisation

Universities and colleges receive most European money
If we look at the distribution of funds by type of organisation, higher education institutions in the Netherlands receive half of the resources, companies about a quarter and research institutions, government agencies and other settings receive the remainder. The distribution of the total allocated budget of Horizon 2020 is a bit different: 40% goes to higher education institutions and 22% ends up with research institutions. The share of companies is a bit bigger, with 28%.

Division of H2020 revenue of Dutch participants over societal challenges

Health and welfare is leading
The money that the Netherlands has received so far for these societal challenges (1.9 billion euros) is 39% of the total European money that the Netherlands can spend on research.

In absolute terms, the Netherlands receives the most resources (711 million euros) for the societal challenge of health and welfare. In relative terms, too, the Netherlands leads the field in health and welfare. 12% of the total European budget for this challenge goes to our country.

The Netherlands is also doing well in the field of food security and sustainable agriculture (292 million euros, 9% of the total EU budget). It is less strong in Europe in changing world (€62 million, 6% of the EU total), integrated transport (€301 million, 6% of the EU total) and secure societies (€72 million, 5% of the total EU budget).