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Making perfect lives

The various applications of (medical) biotechnology create the impression that, more than ever, we can make life perfect. And yet; The health of all life on earth - whether human, animal or the environment - is under pressure in multiple ways.  We have little control over climate change and biodiversity is declining dramatically. Despite all the opportunities for personalisation in healthcare, the human side of healthcare, particularly for older people, cannot bereplaced by smart technology Meanwhile, no agreement has been reached in the public and political debate on policy for agriculture and livestock farming. How can we conduct the conversation we urgently need to have about making perfect lives and the limits of this idea?

The coronavirus crisis reveals how fragile our health is and that “the good life” relates not only to our physical health but to well-being
and social values as well.It is still hard to encourage healthy behaviours. Our social position still determines our lifelong health and not everyone benefits from progress. Moreover, when we use smart care innovations, we come up against the question of who has control over our bodies and our most intimate data, including our DNA profile