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Performance profile of the Dutch research system

data publication
14 July 2022
What is the citation impact of Dutch publications in the various scientific disciplines? In which fields of science does the Netherlands perform best? In this data publication, we look at the performance profile of the Dutch research system over the period 2017-2020 by comparing the research specialisation index (OSI) of the Netherlands with the citation impact (CI) for 35 science fields.

In short

  • The Netherlands has a very high citation impact among multidisciplinary journals.
  • Computer Science, Instruments and Instruments, Mathematics and Literary Sciences have a medium citation impact. The Netherlands specializes in this below average.

The performance profile of the Netherlands research system relates the Netherlands international research specialisation index (RSI) in the period 2017-2020 to the citation impact (CI) score, for 35 scientific fields. Thus, the indicator shows whether the scientific fields in which Dutch science is most specialised are also the fields with the highest performance.

Degree of specialisation and citation impact by field, 2017-2020

Citatie impact en OSI
Source: Clarivate Analytics/ WoS database, extraction by Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) and analysis by Rathenau Institute.
Notes: * These fields belong to the Humanities. Like Law, the Humanities are not well represented in Web of Science, as it is customary in these fields to publish in other ways as well.

Of the 35 science fields, one field has a very high citation impact, namely the multidisciplinary journals. Ten scientific fields have a high citation impact and sixteen scientific fields an above-average citation impact. There are thirteen areas in which the Netherlands is highly specialized. The majority of these (11) also have a high or above-average citation impact.