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Citation impact of all scientific publications international benchmark (WoS)

data publication
14 September 2020
Citation-impact publications
In this data publication we give information about the relative citation score of scientific publications, and we compare the Netherlands with other countries.

In short

  • The Netherlands has a high average citation-impactscore between 2015-2018.
  • Only Switzerland and United Kingdom have a higher average citation impact score in the same period.
  • Also, the Netherlands has a higher productivity compared internationally.

What is the citation impact score of all publications and international co-publications per country?

The Netherlands occupies a top position due the high average impact score when compared internationally. Publications concerning international collaborations have a higher citation impact score when compared to citation impact score for the total number of publications in a country.

International comparison of citation impact and productivity (2015-2018)

Citation impact compared internationally
Source: Clarivate Analytics/ WoS database, extraction CWTS and analysis by Rathenau Instituut.

The second figure compares the field-normalised citation score and productivity of academics in the reference countries. Dutch academics score very highly on both.