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Scientific publications, international benchmark (WoS)

data publication
24 August 2020
publications science
In this data publication we show the absolute and relative number of scientific publications, for the Netherlands and several benchmark countries.

In short

  • The Netherlands publishes on average when we look at the absolute number of scientific publications in 2019.
  • China and the US published the most scientific publications in 2019.
  • The Netherlands has the most scientific publications per 100 FTE researchers (2019).

How many scientific publications were published by the Netherlands and reference countries in 2019?

How many scientific publications were published per 100 FTE researchers in 2019?

The Netherlands occupies a position in the middle when the absolute number of scientific publications is concerned. When this number is standardized by the number of public sector researchers (FTE), the Netherlands ranks first in the benchmark. 63% of the Dutch publications in the period 2015-2018 have a Dutch first author. This is less than the 71% for the period 2005-2008.