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03 November 2020

Scientific publications by Dutch universities

Many scientists communicate about their research in the form of scientific publications. This page provides information on the size of the output of scientific publications, by cluster of scientific fields and by university.


Since 2003, the number of scientific publications from universities shows an increasing trend. This development is due to considerable growth in the number of Medical science publications. In the period 1997-2018 the share of this cluster in the total publication-output increased from 29% tot 38%. The share of the clusters Behavioural & Social Sciences and Humanities has decreased during this period. the share of the Behavioural & Social sciences decreased from 28% to 20% of total publication output, the share of the Humanities decreased from 11% to 7%. The share of the cluster Science and engineering increased between 1997 and 2008 (from 33% to 39%), but decreased after 2009 to 35%.

Of all universities, the universities of Utrecht, Groningen and Nijmegen and the two universities of Amsterdam have the largest output of scientific publications, also due to the fact of having an university medical centre. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) produced in 2018 the largest number of scientific publications by far, with a share of 13%. All universities show an increase in the number of scientific publications, with the exception of Tilburg University, which shows a decrease of 10% between 1997 and 2017.

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