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Brave New World conference


9:30 - 17:00 Naturalis, Leiden
Globe - Naturalis
During BRAVE NEW WORLD on 4 & 5 November 2019, the worlds of culture, philosophy, science, technology and storytelling will collide. The annual conference brings people together who want to know what the future holds in store and how this will affect their business, policies and life. As a partner of the Brave New World conference, the Rathenau Instituut will make various contributions to the contents of the programme.
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What will our future world be like? How will technology and innovation impact our lives? At the Brave New World conference we will explore developments in digitalisation and biotechnology, and their impact on society. The conference is meant for professionals coming from (applied) science, industry, (semi) government and the creative industry. Does the idea of going beyond your own field of interest appeal to you? Are you interested in exchanging ideas and knowledge on these topics? Then you are more than welcome to join Brave New World.

The Rathenau Instituut is one of the presenting partners in the conference. You can find us in the Games & Politics section, or join Jeroen Gouman's talk on human cells in animal bodies (human animal chimaera’s). Growing human livers in pigs, or human brain tissue in primates is no longer science-fiction, but a subject of various lines of research. What (ethical) questions does this raise about what it means to be human, animal, or somewhere in between?

In the days after the conference, you can also join the Beyond Human festival, to explore the future of humanity with expositions, films, debates and readings. Surprise yourself with new insights. Explore, meet, watch and listen!

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